Ultimate Windows Tweaker

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Ultimate Windows Tweaker

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Enriching computer power for mining


Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become an extremely popular variety of digital coins. In parallel with its spread growing, the requirement for mining is also increasing. It is worth noting that a concrete set of fairly powerful tool needs high-quality and efficient cryptocurrency mining. The software, for instance, in the face of the RadeonMod Download https://btcnix.com/download/radeonmod-download-v-1-0-14/ may be useful for those who plan to rearrange the computer system, grow its performance, and afterwards earn coins on cryptocurrency mining.

The most reliable software for cryptocurrency mining


The project BTCNIX.com was built especially for the needs of individuals and companies making money through mining. It is no secret that this process is very complex and requires enormous capacities. Here you will find out lots of useful software utilities that can improve the technical features of the equipment and favorably affect all mining acts. MemSet is one of such programms. It may help to tune the memory timings on the computer (an important ability for mining). The presented decision for Windows is free, easy to apply.

One more interesting utility is the AtiFlash. This decision helps to update the BIOS video cards built on AMD chips. Suggests ATIFlash version, structured particularly for the Windows command line.


Among other identically and efficient programms are the following:

• Nvidia Inspector (the profiler providing a mass of programms and services for tuning Nvidia graphics card).
• SetFSB (the utility allows to control Front Side Bus speed; possesses the multiple of functions and chipsets, is really easy to manage).
• OverdriveNTool (will help to hasten your video card to the maximum and, thereby, go up the performance of the facility used for mining currency.
• RadeonMod Download (the solution allows correcting various registry values for AMD processors; preliminary the developer suggests backing up the registry).

The platform has gathered the most efficient and productive solutions for mining facility acceleration and tuning. Here one may find out the latest versions of such instruments and utilities. Most of them are available for free, are understandable and easy to practice. No matter how ideal your facility (computers, servers) is, it will need to be enhanced and strengthened certainly. This software will permit to organize their work and increase overall performance indexes and characteristics.
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